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Series:  Knowing God                  THE GOD WHO IS COMPASSION                    Study  4

                                                                                      Luke 10/25-37

INTRODUCTION: The Greek word “splanchna” refers to the main intestines. It is translated “compassion” and refers to our deepest gut-level response, the deepest wrenching of our inner being. It is much stronger than pity or sympathy. Compassion is “your pain in my heart”


Of 73 times this word is found in the Bible, 60 of those references are found in the OT. This is surprising,  given the unbalanced teaching that God in the OT is vindictive, cruel and harsh.

Read Psalm 145/8-13__________________________________________________________________             

Read Lamentations 3/19-26 ____________________________________________________________


A. Jesus’ Teaching

Luke 15/20 – What did the younger son deserve? What did her get from his father? How do you feel about the Father’s choice? Would you have done the same?

Luke 10/33 – here compassion – cost included medical expenses, time, effort, racial tension (what else?) In telling this story, Jesus taught the practical dimensions of godly compassion n. How do our lives measure up in practical expression.

Read and comment on James 5/1-5. Are these verses relevant to our topic…or not?

B. Jesus example

Matt 9/35-38 – Compassion expressed in preaching, healing, awareness of human need

Matt.14/13-14 – His compassion for others in need than for his own need for “time out” for grieving

Matt.15/29-32 – How does Jesus describe his attitude to the needs of the people (32)

Mark 1/40-45 – Again Jesus’ compassion expressed in action – but why the secrecy?

Luke 7/11-17 – Power motivated by compassion results in new beginning for this family


That was then, this is now – we are to become increasingly like our Father in heaven

1 Peter 3/8 – live together with sympathy, love, compassion and humility

1 John 3/16-20


If I took this seriously and acted upon these truths, in what ways would my life be different?

Is there some current situation that requires my compassion but it’s not that easy!!





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