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You Had Better Be Right!  


Some bumper stickers I just don't understand. Some are downright offensive. Others are very funny & creative. But the one I saw a few months back, well, you would have to be as thick as two planks to miss its message.   "If you're living as though God doesn't exist, you'd better be right!"  


It got me thinking again about the value systems or belief systems in our society these days. It seems to me that living as though God doesn't exist is a lifestyle option for an ever increasing number of people.   Mind you, there are many people who don't attend any Church who still believe in the existence of God. And it probably goes without saying that virtually all of those who attend a Church believe in the existence of God.  


But the point being made by that bumper sticker was not about what we believe but how we live. And those two things can be poles apart. Even people who believe in the existence of God can still live as though He doesn't exist.   In other words, their belief does not effect their behaviour. What they claim with their words does not align with their lifestyle.   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that even "Church people" can claim one thing but live as though that claim was not true. That's why the charge of hypocrisy is sometimes justifiably leveled at the Church.  


Of course, if God doesn't exist, then the people who believe in His existence are more to be pitied than any other people on the face of the planet .The end will come with a whimper and then nothing. Oblivion. And that's about what they have lost; nothing. Although it does need to be said that they did have a sense of peace and purpose during this life, even though it was misguided.  


But why that part in the bumper sticker message about "you'd better be right"?   Because if God does exist and He really is as portrayed by Jesus Christ, then there is coming a day of accountability, a Day of Judgment, when those who have lived as though He didn't exist will wish they had been right. And what have they lost? Everything.   So, let me encourage you to ponder this life and death issue carefully, very carefully.

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