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Our Journey Through The Valley

Our Journey Through The Valley


  • JOURNAL 70

    Hello Sweetheart, In our journey together over those 50+ years, you often observed (complained!?) that you felt left out of some of my “mental processes”. I would do a lot of thinking internally. Despite your appeals to involve you more, I suspect that I haven’t changed much in…read more
  • JOURNAL 69

    Hello Sweetheart, In a recent letter to you I made a reference to “the deep well of grief”. While I’m trying not to analyse my emotions too much, I don’t want to miss any insights that might maximise my ministry to others. My greater need is to experience my emotional…read more
  • JOURNAL 68

    My darling, “Well, today is your birthday!” OR “Well, today would have been your birthday!” I wonder which of those statements is more correct? On this day 73 years ago Mr & Mrs Hall welcomed the first of two daughters into their family – a gorgeous girl…read more
  • JOURNAL 67

    My Darling, I’ve just returned home from having lunch with D & H. It’s Sunday and guess who the preacher was this morning? I was very nervous because it has been quite a while since I have stood before a congregation. In fact, I asked the musicians to lay hands on me in our prayer…read more
  • JOURNAL 66

    My Darling, Well, Christmas 2015 is now part of our history. I confess that I was not looking forward to this event because, as was noted in my last letter, this would be my “first Christmas without my beloved Bev”. Strangely, it wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. Of…read more
  • JOURNAL 65

    Hello my Love, “Your first Christmas without your beloved Bev…’ So many people have referred to this Christmas in these terms. Quite a few of them speak from their own experience, many of them have learned what that “first Christmas without” means. To my surprise…read more
  • JOURNAL 64

    Hello Sweetheart, With Christmas and Its associated celebrations just just a few days away, I have been busy preparing a card to distribute among family, friends and neighbours. This is something that we have done together for the 50+ years of our married life. This is another of those projects…read more
  • JOURNAL 63

    Hi Sweetheart, Every day in seemingly countless ways I am surrounded by memories of you. I guess there would be something wrong if that was not the case, given that you departed for your permanent home in heaven just 8 months ago. I am so grateful for the memories that we made together over the…read more
  • JOURNAL 62

    My Darling, It has been a while since I have had a really good cry. Well, this afternoon I’m making up for that fact. I sat down to do some writing and had the John Denver sound track playing in the background. I wasn’t paying attention in any focused way which is why, I suspect,…read more
  • JOURNAL 61

    Hello, my love, They say that Christmas time is a time of engaging with grief in a new way for those who have lost loved ones in the preceding 12 months. So far, the ubiquitous “they” (whoever “they” may be) are right on the mark. Christmas cards are arriving on a daily…read more
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